The Death of Content

If there was an internet contest that would honor the ugliest word in the internet, my vote went for the holy, glowing, irritating word "content". Why? Because the use of the word suggerates that any content is good content. The missing proposition tells others that it's dominating and demanding at once. It's perhaps the thing that most of us are afraid when starting out with a fresh and new shiny url. Its heavy weight squeezes us to become smaller and smaller and to finally let us disappear in the eternity of the universe.  Let me hang that Democlas (s)word down for you.

Let me take that weigh from your shoulders.

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How to Overcome the "I" of the Internet

What's it with the "I" in our writing and selfies that fascinates us so much? What's it that others perceive as an ego-centric social-media presence? Are we really in a time of narcissm or is it just our way of being ourselves in the internet adjusting our digital self to our analog self? How can we convince the rest that it's not about the "I" for us, but about the "We"?

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Page versus Profile: The Facebook Experiment

This is for all writers, academics, Twitter enthusiasts, blogger, forbes contributer, Linkedin influencer, wannabe celebrities, one man companies, advisors, business angels, innovators and single moms. Once you want to step out of your fb friend's inner circle and connect to the world, you are confronted with a big decision, which may seem trivial for some, but is more complex than you can imagine: Profile versus Page!

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