How to Get Out of The PhD Prison!

It's hard to find positivity out there when talking about a PhD. Sometimes I myself even avoid blogs because the posts are so negative and discouraging. They tend to drag me down! I hope that this post may make you feel better about the journey you are on. 

So do you feel frustrated? Do you feel sad? If so, you are not alone. Let me tell you my top three reasons for PhD frustration.

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The End of Work-Life Balance in Modern Academia

Most people would agree that professors have "the best job in the world". This statement runs in complete opposite to the increasing number of burn-outs of professors and doctoral students today. In the following, I will try to explain you why there is no such thing as work-life balance in the academic world and why integrating your job in your life is becoming part of being a modern academic.

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The New Stress of Self-determination at Work

Monday is the beginning of the week where the unknown is ahead, where the free days end and where work calls. Most people struggle with mondays as if this day is worse than any other week day. Remembering that one seventh of our lives consists of Monday's, I got curious what's the point, what stresses us about work? An often mentioned reason why we might struggle with Mondays is because there is an output that is exepected from us at the end of the week and we may fear not achieving this output. High expectations from others may make us feel as a "resource" instead of a human being. Another and maybe increasingly relevant reason may be that we see no purpose in what we do. We have high expectations to ourselves that we may not be able to deliver. In the search of a purpose of our work, we are being hunted by burnouts, depressions and stress. Understanding this new stress of self-determination, we have to go back 50 years ago, where nothing similar existed.

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