The Death of Content


If there was an internet contest that would honor the ugliest word in the internet, my vote went for the holy, glowing, irritating word "content". Why? Because the use of the word suggerates that any content is good content. The missing proposition tells others that it's dominating and demanding at once. It's perhaps the thing that most of us are afraid when starting out with a fresh and new shiny url. Content is possibly the one word that hangs over us like a democlas sword ready to fall down on us, if it wants to crush us like flies. Its heavy weight squeezes us to become smaller and smaller and to finally let us disappear in the eternity of the universe. 

Let me hang down that Democlas (S)word for you.

Let me take that weigh from your shoulders.

Who the hell doesn't do quality, informative, entertaining content. I am sure you all got that in you. 600-800 words that carry us from one new idea to the next. For some it's a quick ride, for others it takes months to craft their art. There are tons of good article out there. Also tons of not so good, but the good ones are as unfamous as the bad ones.


Why remain good articles unfamous and bad articles famous? Why isn't your article out there that the people talk about? Shitty content or quality content, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. You can write the funniest, smartest, greatest stuff. If nobody gets to it, nobody will take notice and care and talk about it. It's vegetating in some corner, rotting to finally get old and vanish in the soil, maybe giving birth to some newer more beautiful flower (if at all). 

Any content needs a machinery behind that helps finding your art.

To get this machinery going takes as long as producing your art. The machinery is driven by your friends, but yourself pushing bravely your own thinking out to someone else who you hope will get it, what you want to say. And, yes, someone will. Think of it as searching for equal thinkers. They are there, but they have to find you and you have to find them.

The word content and its religious-like use falsely claims itself to be necessary.

Content suggerates that everyone needs content, that it's the key for the holy organic growth, which gets also increasingly stabbed by the profit monster that social media is going to become. Organic growth is still possible, but its days are vanishing. 5 years give or take.

Ask yourself: Does  everyone need content like the air you breath, like some base you can go back to. Let me tell you this: No. Because: no. 

You can become the most famous person in the Internet without content. The only thing you have got to do and that's now when I start whispering so that you have come closer to the screen. The only thing what you have got to do to become famous is: ssssssharing. 


Now, some of you may say: Wow, wow, wow, in my microcosmic world sharing is content. In case you did, I will sit back at my chair putting on a sad face and revealing my sorrow for having written already 400 words without any effect. Indeed, sharing is sharing. Let me try to explain that. You read and decide what to share, it's your world's view, but the core action isn't creating something new, it's sharing something existing. And that's great!

Sharing is probably the most authentic and differentiating thing you can do in the internet.

And on top, there is a lot to share. And you can share a lot. Will anyone blame you if you share 100 tweets a day. No. Will they follow you: Yes. Why? Because you share their stuff.

Content, however, is nothing more than a hollow structure of words that sits in the back of our our heads waiting to be released. It will only get meaning by being shared and discussed. Some may say it's everything the Internet consists of, I would say it's everything the Internet doesn't exist of. Content may even be the bricks of the wall that you have piled up keeping you away to become who you are in the Internet. 


While content may have been in the beginning rare, unique and inimitable. We have come to a point, where it isn't anymore. Today, there is more content than you can digest ever.  Content isn't anymore the savior that is refreshing your social media presence from getting dusty. It's not the moment of truth that may push some buttons of others. It's not the machine that generates automatically your traffic.

Content is a dead body.

The Internet is crowded of dead bodies and there are only a few doctors out there that can bring them back to life. They are the gate keepers of your existence. Because if nobody knows about your art, it didn't exist. 

The thing that is inherently alive, the glue of the Internet is sharing. It's the moment when you decide to become a part of somebody else's meaning. There isn't a reason not to share if you like it or dislike it. You just have to do so. 

Sharing has always been the one thing that makes sense in the internet.

So tell me why is everyone still talking about content? Why don't they talk about sharing instead? The potential of sharing the right way with personal devotion and care is still immense. If you just share, discuss, like, favourite: trust me, you can grow Big this way. 

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